Information about pets

Domestic animals

Pets are animals that are domesticated by man, and that live well with him on a daily basis. Allah Almighty has harnessed them to man to serve him and help him to continue. there are many benefits and services that man receives from pets, such as mobility services, travel, trekking, plowing, and animals that he uses for food, making clothes, etc., and man must provide shelter, food, and drink for them, and he must also provide them with a clean environment to protect them from diseases that may affect them.

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Information about pets

I think many of us would love to have a pet of our own at home, if not all of us, right Although some may prefer not to raise them at home for many reasons, that does not prevent them from enjoying watching and playing with them at times.

From a moral point of view, for example, taking a simple walk with the dog will make you enjoy fresh air, walking, social interaction, especially for the elderly, as well as feeling happy as you deal with your pet, and he, in turn, deals with you with his instinct.

The most famous and popular animals around the world are cats and dogs, but some people may prefer to have some other pets such as rodents such as hamsters and rabbits, birds such as parrots, ornamental birds, some reptiles such as snakes, geckos, fish such as aquarium fish and others.

In some cases, the life of pets may be endangered when they are acquired if proper and correct nutrition is not taken care of for them. for example, one of the most serious threats to the life of cats and dogs that cause them poisoning is their consumption of chocolate.

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Health benefits for pets

Research has shown that having a pet can be beneficial to your health. Some people after having pets say that they suffer much less from headaches, colds, and hay fever, than before, and having pets can also help lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. Pet owners also say that they suffer less from stress and depression, and believe that getting a pet can help people better cope with everyday stressors.

Types of domestic animals

To see all kinds of pets, please visit the home page of pets.



It is one of the most famous types of pets raised by humans for use in many magazines, such as protecting and guarding the house, protecting livestock from predators such as slugs, foxes, and other property, as well as using dogs to do some police work, it helps them greatly in detecting biting crimes. They also help fishing enthusiasts and make the fishing process easier for them.



Cats are also domesticated pets raised in most if not all homes, as well as on farms and shops because they are a good way to resist and eliminate rodents. In addition to protecting the house from harmful small animals such as scorpions, cats attack and feed on these animals.

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Donkey and horse

Donkey, horse or horse, mule, and cows these pets are used on farms, to help peasants move weights, carry and transport their goods, in addition to being used to tow carts. Also, most peasants rely on the donkey and the horse to plow the land.


Cows, sheep, goats

These pets are taken care of by farmers and raised well because they are considered a source of livelihood for them, as well as to benefit from their milk, cream, and meat products, and their skins are used in the manufacture of clothing.



Sparrows are one of the most favorite animals for many, they add a spirit of fun and vitality to the house and its owner and make him feel happy always through their wonderful tweets, sparrows are in great need of care and should be placed in a spacious and comfortable cage so that they can move inside it easily. The breeder must clean the cage on a daily basis, and it is better to raise at least two birds in one cage and not leave one bird alone because it is likely that he will feel lonely and will die.


Aquarium fish

Aquarium fish, one of the most beautiful pets that can be raised at home, give the house a distinctive beauty, in addition, they give the viewer a sense of calm, comfort, and optimism, aquarium fish need special and intensive care, otherwise, they will quickly die.


The tortoise

The turtle is a creeping animal. They are largely bred in homes due to the low risk they can cause to members of the house in which they are bred. The turtle does not need much care, as it can be cleaned once a month and it feeds on vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes.


The rabbit

The rabbit is one of the pets and is one of the class of mammals that reproduce quickly, and humans raise this cute animal to take advantage of its meat and fur.



The hamster is a cute pet of rodents and is also called bahtaro, it is similar to a mouse, but it is distinguished by the beauty of its body, shape, and proximity to people’s hearts.


Chickens and geese

Chickens, geese, pigeons, ostriches, and ducks, humans raise these birds in order to benefit from their eggs and meat.

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